5 Best Gardening Gloves for 2021

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Garden gloves provide great protection for your hands and forearms while you work in the garden, or that is how it should be. To find the perfect gloves that come with all the important features to make your gardening life more comfortable is not that easy.

We took it upon ourselves to find the best gardening gloves readily available on the market and made a list. This will make your shopping experience much more fun and without the tedious time consuming comparing products.

Go through the products in this review to see which one of them will be the ideal gardening gloves you want to work with.

Comparison Chart

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HANDLANDY Pruning Long Gloves
Best Choice
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COOLJOB Gardening Gloves
Best Price
Garden Genie Gloves with Claws
Best for Digging Planting

Best Gardening Gloves Reviews

COOLJOB Gardening Gloves


With a nice design of these gloves from Cooljob, they are functional and good looking at the same time. They also come with great quality and features to make your gardening much easier and add more fun to your life.


When your gloves become dirty, you will be able to quickly rinse them off with the garden hose. Or you can just throw them in the washing machine to get them cleaned so you can have clean gloves all the time.

They are made from very durable materials to last a long time and give you many hours of fun garden time. The fabric they are made from is also breathable, so your hands will not sweat easily inside the gloves for convenient wear.

To save you money, you get two pairs of garden gloves included in the package. The long cuffs added to these garden gloves will help protect your arms and prevent dirt from going into your gloves.

However, the rubber on the palm of these gloves may get sticky even after they are washed in the machine, which may cause some discomfort.


  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Made from durable and breathable materials
  • You get two pairs included with the package
  • Long cuffs included for added protection


  • Rubber in the palm area can get sticky
  • Not available in very large sizes


Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Soft and durable is how you can describe these garden gloves provided by Pine Tree Tools. They really get the job done. You also have quality and outstanding features included with these well-designed garden gloves for improved comfort and functionality in one package.


The soft and comfortable materials used in these garden gloves will help keep your hands free of skin irritation. It will also keep the hands cool so your hands will not sweat too much while wearing the gloves, even on hot days.

Furthermore, the gloves fit nice and snugly on the hands, so it won’t feel awkward and clumsy to work with them in the garden. You will also not have oversized gloves that are in the way of everything while you wear them.

These gloves also provide a sure grip on the tools so you can safely work with them without them slipping in your hands. This great feature just adds to the safety of the gloves, making them relatively safe to use all day long.

Unfortunately, these gloves do not really offer great protection for your hands. They also might not last very long if you use them regularly.


  • Have a soft and comfortable construction
  • Will help to prevent skin irritation
  • Come with a lightweight but durable design
  • Help to keep the hands cool


  • Do not offer a lot of protection
  • They will not last a very long time


Garden Genie Garden Gloves With Claws from Inforest

With these gloves, you can tackle even the toughest soil to get through to the roots of the weeds you need to remove. The gloves are also quite large and made to display nicely when you wear them, even with the large claws added to them.


These garden gloves come included with claws to make garden tools obsolete in some situations. You can dig with the same gloves you prune trees with, to dig out weeds quickly and easily without a tool.

These claws are made from very strong ABS plastic materials to make them last a very long time. They are also made from breathable materials, so you will not have overly sweaty hands while working in the garden, even in hot weather.

Furthermore, they are available in different colors where you have various options to choose what you want to wear to work in the garden. They will also help to protect your hands because of the durable fabric they are made of.

These claws might make the gloves a bit clumsy while working with small and delicate objects, and you also don’t have many sizes to choose from.


  • Available in different colors
  • Claws are made with strong ABS plastic
  • Very little use for garden tools
  • The claws will not fall off while working


  • Only 1 size to choose from
  • Claws make it a bit clumsy to do delicate jobs


Long Pruning Garden Gloves from Handlandy


Well-designed and very comfortable gloves make your work in the garden much easier and more fun; that is what you get with these gloves. They will also provide that added protection for your arms and hands to make them a safe choice for gardening gloves.


These garden gloves are great for pruning, especially those thorny bushes and trees, which include roses and other prickly plants. The thick material they are made of will help keep your hands and arms from becoming scratched by branches and thorns.

They are made from very strong cowhide leather material to make the gloves quite durable to last for many years. They also come with strong stitching to make the construction of these gloves last much longer, for many happy gardening hours.

You can get these gloves in two2 different colors to widen your daily choices on what color to use for the day. The gardening gloves from Handlandy also are available in a wide range of sizes to fit many different hand sizes.

However, the strong and thick materials these garden gloves are made of may cause your hands to get quite warm while working with them.


  • Very strong cowhide cuffs included
  • Great protection for hands and arms
  • Strong construction for durability
  • Padded palms for improved grip option


  • The gloves might get a bit warm while wearing then
  • Comes with a high price tag attached


Garden Work Gloves from Kaygo


These garden gloves come with functionality and good looks, all in just one pair of gloves for a better display option. The gloves also come included with great features, so your gardening life will be more fun and comfortable.


These garden gloves for women are designed to make you look good while protecting your hands working in the garden. The beautiful flower print motif makes the gloves display nicely and improves your overall look while you wear them.

To make it easy for you to clean your gardening gloves, they can easily be washed in the machine for quick, easy cleaning. This means you will have clean garden gloves to work with every time you want to work in the garden.

For added protection of your hands and fingers, the palms of these gloves come with leather padding. They also come with an elastic cuff to make sure they fit perfectly and will help to prevent dirt from going into your gloves.

Unfortunately, these garden gloves from Kaygo are only available in just one color. You also have only two sizes to choose from.


  • Come with a beautiful flower print motif
  • These gloves are machine washable
  • Gloves come with leather palm protection
  • Have elastic cuffs for a more secure fitting option


  • They only come 1 color
  • Not many sizes to choose from



Our list winner is the long pruning garden gloves provided by Handlandy that come with great durability and many extra features. They also provide ample protection for your arms and hands, so you can easily go on with your gardening work without worries.

In the number 2 spot, we have the two pairs of gardening gloves in one purchase from Cooljob with a decent price tag attached to it. They also come with great features to make your gardening life much more comfortable and add a lot of fun.

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